Kelowna Judo Club

The Kelowna Judo Club is a non-profit martial arts organization founded in 1953, run by skilled black belts volunteering many hours of teaching the Sport of Judo to all ages, males or females for recreation or competition.

Why Practice the Martial Art of Judo?

Get in Shape. The Martial Art of Judo will work out your whole body and its much more fun than an exercise machine.

Cross Training. Want to step up your game?  Or switch things up?  Cross training with Judo provides excellent cross training for any team sport as well as other martial arts such as Brazilan Jiu Jitsu or Aikido.

Self Defence. Judo is definitely a physical sport that practices hands on techniques against resisting opponents who are trying to gain control over you.

Meet People. Children appreciate their Sensei’s and senior students who provide positive encouragement, and mentoring. Adults enjoy friendships, the workout challenges, and the opportunity to improve and practice their Judo skills in Judo matches.

Benefits of Judo

Physical Fitness

Mental Development
Blue BulletFlexibility
Blue BulletBalance
Blue BulletCoordination
Blue BulletConfidence
Blue BulletStrength
Blue BulletConcentration
Blue BulletImprove Reflexes
Blue BulletLeadership
Blue BulletSpeed
Blue BulletRespect
Blue BulletStamina
Blue BulletDiscipline & Self Control
Blue BulletPosture
Blue BulletWork Ethic
Blue BulletImproved Engery
Blue BulletHow to Win and Lose

Download the 2014-2015 Kelowna Judo Handbook