Family Programs

Kelowna Judo Club is a strong supporter of families practicing the martial art of judo together. We start kids at 4 years of age, learning simple skills, once moving up to the regular program they enjoy working with older siblings or practicing with mom and/or dad.

Recreational Programs – Men & Women – All Ages

Recreational judo is for those who want to learn a martial art and get fit in a fun way! The recreational judoist can work towards belt levels just as a competitive judoist would. For club members with busy schedule drop in programs or once a week practice is available. Visit the Registration page for more details.

Competitive Program

The Kelowna Judo Club helps promote those interested in competitive judo. Locally and throughout the province our interested judokas are encouraged and supported to compete in Judo Tournaments and training camps. Competitive students may progress through the ranking system at a faster rate than the recreational judoist. Our club has former provincial and national competitors and champions and BC Winter Games participants as well as Canada Games opportunities for our more serious judokas.

Boys & Girls

Our “Junior” & “Little Samurai” programs for children aged 4 to 12 years focuses on listening to instruction, as well as basic judo techniques. These students start out with a white belt and can progress through the grading program to yellow stripe, yellow belt and then orange stripe and orange belt.

Students from 10 years of age and older work not only on basic technique but now advance to higher levels of throws and grappling techniques.