Belt Requirements

Judo grading is recognized by a series of ranks (kyu) and corresponding belt colours. The student or judoka is promoted by being invited to test for the various kyus as determined by the technical directory of the Dojo.

Judo Rankings in Canada

Coloured Belts – Mudansha

White Belt: Rokyu 6th Grade

Yellow Belt: Gokyu 5th Grade

Orange Belt: Yonkyu 4th Grade

Green Belt: Sankyu 3rd Grade

Blue Belt: Nikyu 2nd Grade

Brown Belt: Ikkyu 1st Grade

Black Belts – Dans – Yudansha

Black belts are awarded Yudansha “dan” grades, according to the National Rules (Grading Syllabus) adapted from the Rules of the International Judo Federation and tested by appointed graders.

Black Belt: Shodan 1st Grade

Black Belt: Nidan 2nd Grade

Black Belt: Sandan 3rd Grade

Black Belt: Yondan 4th Grade

Black Belt: Godan 5th Grade

Red and White Belt: Rokudan 6th Grade

Red and White Belt: Shichidan 7th Grade

Red and White Belt: Hachidan 8th Grade

Red or Black Belt: Kudan 9th Grade

Red or Black Belt: Red or Black Belt